I said it when we released the episode with Cary Hayes back in January (Ep 438 btw) that the REC Solar “mafia” has deep roots. Today’s guest, Catlin Mattheis, is proof as he and his co-founders are one of the many “alumni organizations”, as we might call them, from that long heritage REC has given us in California. When you hear the origin story of his company, Fracsun, you’ll get a sense of appreciation for the level of attention to detail, forward-thinking and courage Catlin and his team have embodied and how it carries through to their commitment now to ensure every PV plant out there is harvesting the maximum kWh possible!

Fracsun specializes in on-site soiling loss measurement using their patented ARES soiling management system. Want to eliminate uncertainty and enable your team to confidently monitor and manage soiling loss with ease? Listen in.

You’ll also get a healthy dose of humor as Catlin and I really had a great time in what was one of my first in-person interviews of the year! Grateful for Catlin who drove down several hours to meet me when I was last in SoCal, and excited to see the Fracsun team finally getting the recognition (and funding) they deserve!