While Deborah Knuckey’s resume says plenty about her more than 20 years of strategy and marketing experience in the renewables sector, she’s more defined by her career breaks to learn mountaineering, do polar expedition training, study photography and complete a graduate program in documentary filmmaking with the hope of retracing her father’s expedition through the Antarctic.

Deb writes about climate, energy and the Antarctic, with occasional forays into climate fiction and satire. Her wit and intellectual candor is exactly the kind of stuff I love to read, and its probably the reason I’ve become friends with her over the years we’ve worked together in the renewable energy sector. She’s just back from the ClimateForce 2041 Leadership on the Edge program in the Antarctic, and I got to sit down with her to hear about how her various explorations of the Antarctic have influenced her winding path to clean energy. Her decades-long effort to transcribe her father’s Antarctic travel journal and revisit the life of a man she never really got to know features prominently in the story today, and even prompts some of my own reflections on how to be a better Father and friend. Today Deb & I get deep into the things she’s learned about the Antarctic, why it’s fascinated her and pushed her all her life, what we can learn from that vast baron landscape and why she considers it to be “the subconscious of the world”. And, her “crystal ball” answer will certainly leave you wanting more of Deb Knuckey!

She’s a Climate Futurist with a deep personal quest for addressing the climate crisis.

Settle in; today’s a deep conversation that I know you’ll love.