The annual CERAweek hosted in Houston, TX by S&P Global has been hailed as “the Davos for Energy” by some, and it didn’t disappoint. In March, I attended the conference to see whether there would be much focus on the Energy Transition, and to my great surprise there was much discussion indeed. It was wholly unexpected to find not just hallway chatter but many of the formal event panels discussing the role of the various industries and participants in the Energy Transition. Unlike the solar events (most of them anyway) there’s a lot more talk of molecules than electrons, but on the whole there seemed to be a great sense of anticipation that the industry is on the precipice of something extraordinary.

IN light of this, I had the opportunity to meet with John Berger, CEO of Sunnova Energy, and discuss the reality of being a clean energy prophet in the heart of Oil country. John’s been a solar and finance pioneer in the industry for the last 15+ years and has roots originally in the Oil & Gas sector, so I wanted to hear from him first-hand what kinds of conversations he is engaging in (or not) lately with his colleagues from “across the aisle”. We truly are all in this together, and CERAweek helped me really see that there is no us versus them in the energy transition. Listen in and learn what one of the solar industry’s leading executives has to say on the subject.