Have you been wondering how to get into the booming solar industry? Curious about the path that someone might take who’s currently doing the job you’d like to have? Where if that job is in solar project development or management then take notes today! My guest, Isha Rege, has risen through the ranks at one of the leading solar development companies in the US, New Energy Equity. In today’s career profile breakdown, we get details from Isha all about how she made the transition from erstwhile student to happily employed in the solar industry.

Along the way, Isha shares some of the tips she has for others looking to get their feet wet in the solar industry, and she even provides some guidance for those who are still in Academia that might help students get a leg up on the competition. Listen in as Nico and Isha discuss her journey over the last 3 yrs, which coincidentally included her company being acquired around the time that we did the interview! 

Congratulations to the New Energy Equity team. Success leaves clues (and attracts great talent, like Isha!)

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