Jeff McAulay and Jim Bowen are back on SunCast to discuss how we can reach more Commercial & Industrial (C&I) customers and accelerate the adoption curve for this critical segment of the industry. I’ve had Jeff on the show before talking about how, through their company Energetic Insurance, they have helped developers improve the credit rating of their solar clients such that they are able to do more projects more quickly. Today Jeff & Jim talk about how the solar market is evolving to address our collective ability to reach more clients faster within the C&I sector. Among the questions we touch on in today’s discussion are:

How do you evaluate the risk of unrated solar projects?

How do you move at the pace of startup in an otherwise glacial industry?

How do you innovate on an existing product (credit insurance)? 

What shifts are they seeing in the industry, and are they achieving commercial traction?

How does Tax Equity play a role?

How has the rise of ESG increased capital available to build projects?

And what Trends are they watching unfold in 2022?

This is a fun discussion that I hope will equip you to better understand & execute on solar projects for the C&I sector. I’d love your feedback on whether we hit the mark, or what other aspects of this subject you’d like to see us cover here.