Today’s guest, Doug Pierce, is Director of Sales for Sungage Financial, a platform I know many of you use to offer financing to your resi & commercial customers. Today, we get insight from Doug on what’s trending for 2022 and where he sees opportunity for growth, as well as the lightbulb moment for him in his sales journey with most customers. 

If you haven’t heard Doug’s take on financing before, I’d recommend you queue up our Great Debate from last year, (episode 375 of SunCast) or, even better, go over and watch it on our Youtube channel where you can watch Doug duke it out with 2 other powerhouse speakers on the topic of “What is the best residential finance solution.” 

I hope you enjoy these “live from” series of Tactical Tuesdays. We have more coming from BNEF and other live events on Nico’s travel schedule from the year.