It’s time to rally together once again, #SolarWarrior! As you’ll hear in today’s #TacticalTuesday (TT), Carter Lavin and the folks at the California Solar & Storage Association need our help not just to get the word out, but to GET out and be present at this Thursday’s upcoming rallies in California.

Carter is one of the folks I find most knowledgeable and compelling in his ability to explain what’s at stake for the industry. So, in today’s TT, we go into what is the premise of Net Energy Metering (NEM), why it’s so important, and how, exactly, it’s under fire in the CA market.

 In January, we put out the call-to-arms for our solar community to get to the rallies in LA and SF, and thousands of you show up. We hope that you’ll rally once more, as the fate of the CA solar industry still hangs very much in the balance. January’s solar rally was the largest solar rally in history, and it led to Commissioners getting fired & updates to the commission’s directive. But the legislative win that followed was only the beginning.  This week, the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) meets again, and we intend to make a public display that the Solar industry is united and strong.

What are these rallies? Why are they important or happening at all, and when/where are they? That’s covered in today’s discussion w/Carter.

As Carter says, “These discussions at the PUC are deciding the fate of the solar industry…If we want to win, we have to fight.” 

“Show up, rally, donate, be loud”, as Carter says.

You see, Solar Warrior, you can be right all day long and still be made illegal or impotent by those who wish to see the Solar industry choked out.

 For over a decade, Carter Lavin has helped renewable energy nonprofits and companies develop, design and execute marketing plans and sales drives, plan networking and educational events, track policy, and connect with media, government officials and community members. Listen in today as he brings the heat on why we need to stand together against this CPUC movement.

If you’re totally unfamiliar with Net Energy Metering, , we’ve covered the California policy market and in particular what’s at stake in this NEM battle extensively in these previous episodes (in particular in the final 3):