This is Part 2 of a 2-part interview with George Hershman, CEO of SOLV Energy. If you missed Part 1, please do queue it up, and I would encourage you to listen to them in order. 😉

George is leading a powerful transformation of the company he helped form & eventually spin out of Swinerton Renewable Energy over the past 13 yrs, and he and his team have positioned the company as a clear frontrunner of the renewable energy economy. As a prominent business leader in the solar industry, George brings over 30 years of construction experience and is widely recognized for his expertise in the engineering, construction, and management of solar power plants.

This second half of the discussion looks into his work at the Solar Energy Industries Association (where he’s now serving a second term as Chairman of the Board) and the opportunities that we have as an industry to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the coming years. George also shares his candid views on leadership & team building, the legacy of mentors in his own career, and how he thinks about building talent among his own team. 

“I want entrepreneurship to be infectious in this business, and I want to support it.” – George Hershman

SOLV is a success story on so many fronts, and It was an honor to get a chance to hear it from George himself. As Jim Rohn says, “Success leaves clues”, and in the case of Swinerton & SOLV Energy the fingerprint & evidence of their impact on our industry is evident and will endure for decades to come.