SunCast Media has partnered with EDP Renewables to produce a special 5-part series focused on the fundamentals of the fastest growing segment of the solar industry – Community Solar.  If you’re a participant in the solar industry, or even if you’re considering where & how to make the plunge into solar, or more specifically, Community Solar, then you’ve no doubt contemplated “What is Community Solar & does it make sense for me?” The Community Solar vertical is complex, but in this series, Host Nico Johnson helps break down the fundamental knowledge you need to know in order to determine whether Community Solar makes sense for your business or career. 

With the help of industry experts, we unpack the Policies, development fundamentals, specific target markets, customer acquisition and the revenue stack that makes it all work. Community Solar promises to offer equitable and inclusive renewable energy access to a much broader population than solar has been able to reach previously. But how? And, does it actually meet that objective? In this series, you’ll hear from market participants who provide specific insights, examples and tactics that will immediately help you determine how, where, when, and why Community Solar factors into your solar growth plan.

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This Series is created with the input & support of EDP Renewables.