Today we’re sharing 2 snippets from the >2hr juggernaut of an interview we had with one of the early EV & solar power electronics pioneers, James Worden. Many of you in the Solar industry might recall James from his Inverter business, Solectria Renewables. But, did you know that technology was birthed from a 2-decades love-affair with electric vehicles? We get into ALL the backstory in the 2-part interview which debuted in late May. But for those of you who didn’t have the stomach to commit to the longer interview I’m pulling out 2 snippets from the 2nd part of that fascinating storyline. 

The first segment gets into James’ perspective on how the Electric Vehicle industry has evolved over the last 2.5 decades since he first debuted his Solectria Force electric car.

The second is a brilliant look at how James and his team think about product development, in particular through the lens of some of the product iterations they took at Solectria Renewables.

Hope you enjoy these snippets, then I’d suggest you queue up the longer interview as it’s well-worth the listen!

You can find that in Episodes 475 & 476!