If you’ve been following along the touchstones that make up the community solar market…

“In this final episode of our 5-part series, we still have one more segment of this quilt of knowledge left to weave – the money – how does it work? You heard David Sandbank in Episode 1 refer to the Value Stack. The ways in which the market participants are incentivized to participate is an important element of any complete understanding of an industry sufficient that you could actually begin to participate in it. So, today I’m sitting down with Sy Kim, an industry veteran who has become a go-to resource for those who wish to develop market entry and business development plans for community solar. I first met Sy back when he was a project developer at SunPower before he went on to take senior leadership roles in NRG Energy and what would become Clearway. Sy’s market understanding surpasses most others I’ve met when it comes to explaining the one piece left to unravel in this tapestry – just how does the revenue in these projects stack up? 

We discuss RECs, Tax Equity, market constraints & More. 

From types of offtakers to credit risk, incentives and customer mix, this final discussion will hopefully help fill any remaining gaps in your understanding of just exactly what community solar is and how you can participate in this high-growth opportunity.

You can learn more about today’s guest and our expert lineup along with what else is to come in the series at www.mysuncast.com/communitysolar 

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In this 5-part series, we answer:

  • How does Community Solar work, and what are the Policy frameworks that support it’s expansion?
  • Is the development of Community Solar that much different from other solar verticals (C&I, Utility)?
  • How does this segment of the industry enable a more just & equitable solar offering?
  • Who are the customers and how are they acquired for Community Solar as compared with other verticals?
  • And, How does the money flow into, through and out of these projects for the various stakeholders?

The Community Solar series presented in partnership with EDP Renewables N. America, Distributed Generation.