Solar Energy International (SEI) holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many #SolarWarriors who tune in regularly to SunCast. And SEI is equally important to me because it’s partnered with SunCast for the entirety of our existence in support of nearly all our in-person and virtual events through the years.

So I’m especially delighted to welcome SEI Executive Director Elizabeth Sanderson and learn how, in her first year, she’s growing into the leader role of expanding this beloved organization. 

In case you’re new to the industry, SEI is a 30-year-old solar education and training organization that’s changed how folks learn to install solar and energy storage. In simplest terms, SEI supports a diverse, inclusive, well-trained solar workforce to promote sustainable economic growth, mitigate climate change, and support energy independence. 

It aims to Educate, Engage and Empower — a mission it’s meeting because it already has nearly 100,000 graduates. They attend programs online and at SEI’s technical training facility in Paonia, Colorado.

In today’s podcast, we’ll explore everything from how Elizabeth positions an organization that generates an exceptional amount of love from people in the solar industry for its next 30 years. 

She has an excellent vantage point, poised at the bleeding edge of technology in a quest to deliver the future workforce. So we’ll also get her perspective on some technologies that excite her.

Elizabeth offers some keen insights about personal growth, professional development and staying true to your passions in an ever-evolving world. For now, she’s focused on accelerating partnerships and collaborative relationships at SEI to keep an older organization relevant and agile. “I’m tasked with expanding the organization but keeping its soul and culture,” she says.

Elizabeth has a lot to say. And if you want to continue the conversation after listening, Elizabeth is more than happy to connect on LinkedIn.