Today’s Tactical Tuesday is a compilation of my favorite moments from the recent George Hershman 2-part interview. If you missed that one, then you’ll for sure want to queue up this more snack-able episode (but I’ll bet it will leave you ready to commit to the longer version!) It was packed with great stories and advice, but it was also a long interview, and maybe you’re short on time. So think of this as the SparkNotes or CliffsNotes version of those two back-to-back podcasts. 

George is a solar industry icon and one of my heroes in the industry. His leadership & industry accomplishments have set the bar for so many who see him as a mentor, boss and colleague. And, he brings unparalleled insights into the clean energy revolution from his vantage point as the CEO of SOLV Energy and board chair of the Solar Energy Association (SEIA). Todays, preview give you a glimpse of the doubleheader mega interview I mentioned, which you can listen to in its entirety in SunCast Episodes 478 and 479