In uncertain economic times, investors look for something — anything — to shore up their portfolios. But in 2022, there aren’t many obvious options. 

Cryptocurrencies have crashed, bonds and equities are down, and globalization has rendered the idea of expanding from domestic to international markets moot. As Tyler Hurlburt, a licensed financial advisor and wealth manager, explained, “It seems there’s no safe haven, no place to hide.”

In today’s podcast, Tyler explores some fantastic ways to brighten your investment portfolio during these challenging times. He even offers a little goodie for you in the form of real cash you can invest today. 

Seriously. Real money.

Tyler is director of investor relations at Energea, a retail investment platform created to connect retail investors to portfolios of renewable energy projects in select global markets (if you recognize the name, Energea’s CEO was a guest back in Episode 400 of SunCast). Energea wants to democratize investing through direct equity ownership in renewable energy investments and empower full participation by retail investors like you and me and everybody else that doesn’t have a million dollars lying around.

Energea recently announced the forthcoming launch of a self-directed IRA, allowing people to invest in alternative assets like energy through their qualified retirement plans. “They’ll be able to do this right on the Energea website, and they’ll never have to leave to go to another custodian. It’ll all be self-contained and in-house here,” Tyler said.

Why is a renewable energy project good to have inside an IRA? Because they’re both long-term. 

Tune into the whole podcast to get the details on how Energea’s IRA allows you to diversify your portfolio of investments into community solar in Brazil and Africa as well as the US.

Remember that cash I promised? I convinced Energea’s head of marketing, Gray, to invite solar warriors to invest directly into the Brazil portfolio, on the house! Through our special link, new users receive $50 of stock in the Community Solar in Brazil portfolio once they create an account and complete the onboarding process. I’m always looking out for you, Solar Warrior! 

Get your first $50 to invest into the Energea platform and see for yourself what the opportunities are!