If you missed Part 1 of this epic 2-part interview, I recommend you queue that one up first…that’s why they go in order 😉 

In Part 1, we learned what a technology entrepreneur, a musician turned engineer and a corporate attorney have in common: They built TradeWind Energy and had not one but TWO successful exits as a team on virtually the same platform. If you haven’t heard of Tradewind, or Savion, well you’re in for a ride.  Tune in to hear how these 3 unlikely business partners engineered a 2-decade run together and managed to build (and sell) 2 of the most successful renewables development platforms in the world. 

In this Part 2, Rob, Geoff & Matt talk about the major inflection points in Tradewind, the evolution of the business to include solar and later storage, the creation of Savion, and all the fun details (that they’re allowed to discuss) related to scaling and selling both businesses. There are bits you’d expect (like they nearly went broke), and bits you might not (…) but they didn’t really hold anything back. 

I promised you’d be rewarded for sticking through it, just like they were. Thanks for tuning in to Part 2. Let’s go!