My collaborator and industry veteran, Mike Casey of Tigercomm, and I convene a quarterly conversation with several leading podcasters to discuss what’s new, trending and impactful for your business. Mike moderates the lively discussion, and I get to join in and enjoy simply participating (we also produce the finished products that wind up here on this podcast feed and that of several of hte guests (oh, and Youtube).

This past week, we convened this phenomenal cast of characters; I’d encourage you to follow them all on Linkedin as well as subscribing to their respective podcasts:

These convenings have become a destination for those involved in cleantech communications. We covered topics such as the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Senator Joe Manchin’s big “no” to climate progress legislation, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and escalating attacks by pro-fossil fuel pundits.

It’s a rich, one-hour discussion of energy trends, developments, challenges and opportunities. Listen as we start the discussion with our views on the possible direction of the Biden Administration’s imperiled climate agenda.