This solar industry is crossing the chasm, and the consumers at the “table” today, while they look similar, are much different from those consumers before who were predisposed to taking higher risks, trying technology in advance. 

We’re now moving to the early mass market, and they’re going to be more risk averse. 

The way we sold to the early adopters to get our first 3 million solar installations won’t get us the next 3 million

And, let’s be honest, solar has a dirty little secret: It’s not “set it and forget it; no moving parts.” 

When you step back and look at the 3 million solar assets in the field, there are assets that break every single day; the challenge is in finding them, surfacing them and responding to them.

For too long the industry has ignored the post-installation experience, and the future of solar is actually dependent on changing this narrative and keeping the promises we’ve made, so we can scale to that next million consumers, and beyond.

This is our latest educational series, and it’s focused on how we can leverage the post-installation customer experience to move beyond overpromising sales hype and lackluster service response, and find meaningful ways to delight & entice the next wave of clean energy enthusiasts through proactive engagement.

Starting August 15th, we’ll debut a six-part mini-series, in partnership with Omnidian, where we explore how successful companies across the nation and across business sectors are taking a proactive approach to asset management and client satisfaction. From midwest residential to big-city Commercial & Industrial, leading solar experts will tell us how they’ve built successful business models that leverage technology and strategic partnerships for scale. And they also explain how building a strong culture has been foundational to their business. 

Whether you are experiencing the pains of a growing solar business or are just starting out and want to learn from the pros, I hope you’ll subscribe to the show & join in this important conversation as we explore the future of solar.

If you want to connect with today’s guest, you’ll find links to their contact info (linked, twitter, etc) in the show notes over on the blog.

This Series is created with the input & support of Omnidian.