Did you know that clean energy hardware startups can benefit from millions of dollars in testing at world-class labs?

Today’s expert industry guide, Tenley Dalstrom, will explain everything you need to know. 

But don’t queue it up and forget… the next deadline is August 19th!

As Director of the California Testbed Initiative (CalTestBed) at New Energy Nexus, Tenley works with all types of clean energy technologies and helps innovators and entrepreneurs bring clean energy concepts to market. 

CalTestBed provides $8.8 million in testing vouchers to California clean energy entrepreneurs for third-party technology testing at more than 70 facilities across nine University of California campuses and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (aka Berkley Lab) near UC Berkeley. 

In addition to CalTestBed, Tenley explains the American-Made Solar Prize, a multi-million-dollar U.S. Dept. of Energy competition to energize U.S. solar manufacturing for which she’s served as an advisor over the past few years. We’ve covered the AMSP here on SunCast all the way to its inception (the first Solar Prize was granted to podcast friend and past guests, Bill Nussey and Ben Damiani – Episode 200