This isn’t a typical SunCast podcast episode. Today, I’m sharing my interview done by the inimitable Lee Krevat on his podcast, The Climate Champions.

I became acquainted with Lee through the pandemic, and have truly come to deeply appreciate his perspective and insight into the energy transition. He’s an entrepreneur, leader, investor and speaker who has had a front-row seat to the way the energy grid is evolving. Lee is a Carnegie-Mellon grad with more than three decades of experience in the energy and technology industries. Now, he helps clean technology start-ups, utilities, regulators, legislatures, and environmentally-focused companies and communities bring clean energy and clean transportation solutions to market.

It was an honor to sit down with him to reflect on the meaning of the work we do at SunCast and why I do the work that I do. I love his format. And more than that, I love Lee’s candor as he explores leadership in the fight to mitigate climate change.

After nearly 16 years in the solar industry and more than 500 podcasts of my own, I can tell you the greatest weapons we have to fight climate change are our voices. I hope you enjoy hearing my conversation with Lee today as I share a few more yet-to-be-told stories.