Distributed Solar Development (DSD) has grown from a stand-alone offshoot of a multinational conglomerate to a powerhouse in its own right. In the second episode of our Beyond O&M: The Future of Solar series, DSD Asset Management Director Chris Larkin explains how DSD serves as a “one-stop shop” for large-scale, custom solar PV and energy storage solutions.

DSD provides customized solar PV energy and energy storage solutions — from analysis through design and finance to commercial operation — to commercial and industrial customers looking for a hedge against increasing energy costs and kilowatt-hour demand. You can learn more about their story in SunCast podcasts 338, 363 and 364.

Beyond O&M: The Future of Solar is a six-part series we present to you in partnership with Omnidian

Omnidian’s mission is to protect and accelerate investments in clean energy through innovative technology, passionate teams, and an amazing customer experience. It’s industry-leading service optimizes solar asset performance for projects of every size, providing end-to-end peace of mind.

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