In this third episode of our Beyond O&M: The Future of Solar series, Kevin Schulte of Greenspark Energy shares his insights about keeping the customer first and building a culture that values the climate of the planet and the workplace equally. You’ll hear from this field-tested veteran how to build trusted partnerships, and how it’s quite often your ability to trust those partnerships that help you scale while keeping your promises.

GreenSpark has grown to the largest residential, community and commercial solar provider in Rochester, Central and Western New York through a commitment to people and the planet. 

For CEO Kevin Schulte, providing an excellent customer experience is essential to the company’s mission to be a force for good. Established in 2002 as Sustainable Energy Developments, Kevin and co-founders George McConochie and Ernie Pritchard credit GreenSpark’s partnerships and commitment to the tenets that underlie its Benefit Corporation status for its steady growth. 

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