Since 2018, Milwaukee-based Sun Badger Solar has evolved into a full-service solar installer offering what customers describe as a “perfect blend of performance, quality, and return on investment.” Co-founder and President Trevor Sumner said the company’s success results from a partnership with Seattle-based Omnidian, which handles its post-installation services. 

In this fourth episode of our Beyond O&M: The Future of Solar series, Trevor explains how Sun Badger leveraged its relationship with Omnidian to grow the company from four employees to 112 in five years.

Sun Badger provides solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and “the best customer experience,” including education, design, and application for state and federal rebates to commercial and residential customers in Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Omnidian enables it to offer proactive customer service.

We’ve already heard some great messages in the first three episodes of The Future of Solar, including Omnidian Chief Operating Officer Dave Kenny’s discussion on why the solar industry needs retail-inspired customer experience (CX) excellence. 

In part two, Distributed Solar Development (DSD) Asset Management Director Chris Larkin shared how his company gives commercial and industrial customers peace of mind. And in part three, we heard Kevin Schulte of GreenSpark Energy’s insights about keeping the customer first and building a culture that equally values the planet’s climate and the workplace

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