Everett Brewer is CEO of storage company Storz Power and COO of the solar project matching platform WattHub. He’s a serial entrepreneur who caught my attention lately as an example of someone who manages to have a modicum of balance amidst what is truly a chaotic high-growth time in our industry, despite running not one but TWO successful businesses and balancing the demands of a growing family. 

From running a crew of 3,300 people at age 21 to dominating the door-to-door alarm business, his remarkable solar journey has seen him navigate successful stints at SunEdison and Evolve Solar before developing nano-printed lithium for OEM applications. 

His two companies: Lehi, Utah-based Storz Power has experienced large multiples of growth year-over-year, and Watthub has developed and supported the deployment of more than $1.2 billion in projects. Recently, Energy Tech Review named Storz Power a top energy storage provider in 2021 and featured Everett on the cover of its December issue. 

Curious to learn more? You’re in the right place. We’ll learn the secrets to Everett’s versatility and peak performance in today’s episode of SunCast.