Spencer Oberan — aka “a solar guy” — and Pat Bennett — “a tech guy” — discovered cumbersome and disjointed processes were slowing the growth of solar businesses.

In 2018, he and Pat decided to solve the problem by creating Enerflo, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform purpose-built for the solar industry. The Huntington Beach, California-based company promises solar installers and sales dealers “a seamless experience start to finish.” 

By automating tasks and bringing everything together in a cohesive sales and installation platform, Spencer said Enerflo helps people work smarter, faster and more efficiently. 

Enerflo also fuels Spencer’s passion for supporting the positive changes solar brings to families and the environment.

Spencer shared Enerflo’s success with us in Suncast Episode 470. He’s back today to share more about his journey as a serial entrepreneur — from selling candy door-to-door with his sister as a kid to deciding to “make a difference” as an adult.

“Having money is a byproduct of what you’re passionate about, and your success is a byproduct of those passions,” he said.

Spencer explores his passions in today’s fun, enjoyable and insightful podcast. I invite you to listen to this genuine human being with an empathetic heart on solar and much more.