Today’s entrepreneur is no stranger to the solar startup world. He was part of the early merger and acquisition activity that ultimately became the juggernaut we all remember as SunEdison. That, alone, would be worth the listen, but wait, there’s more.

Mark Culpepper has a brilliant mind and a fascinating story about transitioning from tech to the solar world. Like many of us, he became interested when he started looking at solar for his home. And through that decision, he landed in an advantageous position to watch the solar industry’s explosive growth.

Mark is now general manager of solar solutions for DroneBase, the company that acquired his latest venture, and is the leader in intelligent aerial imaging and data analytics for the entire lifecycle of renewable energy assets. 

Mark already did a deep-dive Tactical Tuesday with us on how DroneBase uses drones and human-crewed aircraft to capture thermal imaging of solar energy systems and turn that into actionable data in Episode 433 back in January. 

Mark defines his superpower as looking around corners to see what the future is bringing. Today we’ll dig into Mark’s backstory and how he leveraged his ability to foresee the next big thing to carve out a series of entrepreneurial roles in the industry. It’s worth your time to listen.