Hawaii native Aric Saunders is a clean energy champion well versed in reaching low to moderate-income communities, creating innovative products, and integrating storage into the grid. Aric is the executive vice president of sales and marketing for Electriq Power, a battery storage company in San Leandro, California. He joined the company as director of business development in 2017 to advise their residential energy storage and go-to-market strategy. 

Electriq has developed a smart home battery storage solution for homes and small businesses that helps owners harness the power of smart batteries to achieve a more renewable energy solution. 

A serial entrepreneur, Aric leverages more than a decade of renewable experience built on a foundation of real estate development. Before Electriq, he founded three companies in Hawaii and brought a first-for-Hawaii residential financing product to the market, which we discuss in today’s episode. 

You’ll hear how he has incorporated sales operations, product management, and finance into an interesting and diverse career. 

If you’re curious about how the battery storage markets are growing and how the recently passed US Inflation Reduction Act will affect it, tune in to learn more.