Piper Foster Wilder is the co-founder and CEO of 60Hertz Energy, the first maintenance software purpose-built for distributed energy resources (DER). DERs are physical and virtual assets deployed across the distribution grid, typically close to load and usually behind the meter, and used individually or in aggregate to provide value to the grid, individual customers, or both.

Anchorage, Alaska-based 60Hertz’s remote management platform enables maintenance personnel to optimize the potential of solar, wind, battery energy storage systems (BESS), microgrids and backup diesel assets. 

In today’s podcast, Piper and I explore the growth of 60Hertz and her commitment to creating meaningful work. Her company supports the energy transition while making the best of existing diesel-fueled microgrids. 

Regular listeners may recall her appearance on Episode 457 when she advised how to work with electric cooperatives.

Piper is a thoughtful entrepreneur. She has an interesting role as a non-technical founder of a company that enables microgrids and their managers to use their assets more effectively and efficiently. You’ll enjoy the conversation as we unpack how Piper successfully created this entrepreneurial venture.