John Berger is a renewable energy veteran deep in the heart of “Energy” country, as we discussed back in Episode 465. And he’s built more than one successful renewable energy company, but most of you will recognize him as the CEO of Sunnova Energy, the publicly traded solar giant that has helped usher in the modern residential solar revolution. 

He founded Sunnova in 2012 and has served since as CEO, president and board chair. An energy entrepreneur with more than two decades of industry experience, he supports free market competition, consumer choice and the advancement of technology to power energy independence. 

Houston-based Sunnova is an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) provider that wants to make clean, renewable energy more accessible, reliable, and affordable by providing “better energy service at a better price.”

Today’s podcast focuses on the perspective of one of the most influential solar services companies in the United States and arguably the world. We’ll explore his thoughts on energy transformation, what it means for consumer choice, and how his experience informs his vision for a renewable energy future. 

If you’re a regular listener, you may recall John’s insights from Episodes 113 & 465. It’s always interesting to hear from John because he’s a clean-energy prophet in the heart of the United States’ oil and gas country.