Matt Heider is CEO of Nautilus Labs, which is using artificial intelligence (AI) to create more efficient ocean commerce. While shipping is an adjacent category to our usual renewable focused podcasts, Matt has earned a spot. Before Nautilus, he built sales and account management systems at software startups that have grown to unicorns and worked for IBM on its famous Watson team. Now, he’s trained his attention to advancing the efficiency of ocean commerce (ie, cleaning up the wasteful shipping industry we all rely on!)

Forbes recently named him to its Next 1000, a list of ambitious and inspiring leaders redefining what it means to run a business today and create meaningful change.

Matt has an inspiring story about the woefully antiquated global shipping industry that he believes can use AI for a more sustainable tomorrow. 

Shipping is responsible for 3% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and will grow significantly by 2050 if left unchecked. Matt and his team envision delivering a clear alternative to the shipping companies that currently emit hundreds of tons of pollution daily. 

We discuss how his software can maximize the profit of every voyage and the yield on every vessel, all the while pulling this antiquated industry out of actual paper tracking and into the 21st century!

Stick around. You’ll want to listen to the rest of this conversation.