Jerry Coleman is a serial entrepreneur with a passion (and quite a track record) for developing and growing companies on a national scale. 

Over the past 20 years, Jerry has co-founded and cultivated multiple real estate-related ventures throughout the US, including Invitation Homes, the $10Billion real estate juggernaut in partnership with Blackstone. So it was no surprise when he turned his attention to solar in 2014, nor that the resulting enterprise has become a successful & respected national player in the residential solar market. 

Along with his longtime business partner, Jerry co-founded Elevation Solar, in his home state of Arizona, to package their real estate and finance acumen and deliver homeowners innovative energy solutions while increasing real estate values. 

Jerry’s law degree and undergraduate in accounting form the connective tissue that has helped him tie real estate and finance together — so he quickly recognized them as keys to scaling a business in the solar industry. We unpack many gems of business advice with this seasoned serial entrepreneur. It’s a rare glimpse into the mindset of someone who’s scaled multiple businesses and understands the secrets to success. 

I hope you join us today to hear more about this entrepreneur’s intriguing ideas, ventures, and background.