Homeowners are on a remarkable journey toward more convenient living through connected technology. Adopting things like smart thermostats, lighting, network cameras, door locks, and garage door openers is moving from an early market dominated by innovators and early adopters to the Early Majority — or mainstream — market.

We’re finally Crossing the Chasm, and today’s guests have some relevant insights to share about the future of smart home technology. Our conversation includes industry experts Hannah Bascom, Ryan Harris, and Chris Rauscher. It was part of the RE+ PowerUp Media Zone, a live production of SunCast Media.

Hannah was head of Energy Partnerships at Google, leading the team developing industry and ecosystem partnerships for Nest Renew and other energy-related products and services at the time we recorded the show in September. 

She’s since joined Ryan at SPAN — creator of the SPAN smart electrical panel and SPAN Drive smart EV charger. Ryan is the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, and Hannah is now its vice president of Regulated Business. (I had No idea of this forthcoming change at the time! haha)

And returning guest, Chris Rauscher, is the senior director of Market Development and Policy at Sunrun, which provides photovoltaic (PV) systems and battery energy storage products primarily for residential customers.

Join us to learn more about the evolving customer journey and how companies make it easier for homeowners to electrify and decarbonize their homes with beautiful products.

And you can watch ALL the live broadcast segments from the RE+ PowerUp Media Zone at www.suncast.live if you missed them!