Everyone talks about B2B marketing these days, often without a clear understanding of its meaning or importance. So today, we shine a light on business-to-business or B2B marketing to gain a better perspective on the term and, most importantly, strategies for maximizing your B2B renewable energy-focused marketing investments.

Our conversation includes top renewable industry marketers Naveed Hasan, director of external affairs and marketing at Sungrow North America; Kathy Heilmann, vice president of marketing at Shoals Technologies Group; Kristan Kirsh, vice president of global marketing at Nextracker; and Tom Weirich, senior marketing manager EDP Renewables North America (EDPR NA).

These four industry experts share all you need to know about marketing aimed at individual companies and their decision-makers as customers. There are some similarities as well as significant differences between B2B and B2C — that is, business-to-consumer marketing — and we’ll hear all about it in this engaging podcast.

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