Fellow solar warrior and podcaster, Nate Jovanelly, took over the PowerUp Media Zone studio at RE+ to lead the Industry Pulse segment, with support from Enerflo, at Noon each day during the annual conference in September. The segment highlighted the leaders, trends & opportunities in the industry in 10-minute bits of advice and insight.

In this compilation episode, we have pulled together several of the interviews that we believe best capture the essence of the Industry Pulse segment so you can learn and grow as we round out the week. If you missed the show, or any of our past replays of the Live content, you can see them along with ALL of the Industry Pulse segments in their full glory (where Nate interviewed more than a dozen guests throughout the week!) at www.suncast.live where we have listed out EACH and every interview in the exact order & schedule as they appeared during the show.

I know you’ll get a ton of value from the conversations today ranging from Hiring best practices (Alex/BayWa RE) and the Inflation Reduction Act (Abby/SEIA) to Entrepreneurship and Culture-building (Pat/Enerflo) and Consolidation and growth in the Residential Solar industry (Brian/Brighton). Nate curated an all-star lineup that really delivered at the show.