Josh Porter and Nico Johnson, both veterans of the solar industry and long-time podcasters, discuss the evolution of the medium and its popularity. They both started their own podcasts at a time when podcasting was still in its infancy, and emphasize how the medium fosters genuinely authentic conversations and storytelling. In this live discussion, Josh & NIco talk about their experiences with starting and growing their own businesses (on the back of podcasts). One of the elements they both experience via their show is the importance of understanding the nuance of the interview process and how a podcast episode can really help companies & founders “find” and tell their story in unique ways.

Of course, one of their favorite topics is helping folks realize the use of podcasts as a marketing tool to refine and distribute sales messages.  Having both been in sales and business development, they emphasized the importance of identifying common questions and challenges that customers face and using podcasts as an opportunity to address and clarify those issues, in particular for capturing answers for those “top of funnel” kinds of routine questions. One important element that both see as increasingly important is that of repurposing long-form podcast content into shorter pieces for social media and other channels. Using the data and feedback from this microcontent can help to identify what resonates with listeners and to create more targeted follow-on content. Of course, for many guests (and hosts alike!), the true value of a podcast guest experience is in building relationships and connections while leveraging the “stage” of a particular show as a way to showcase expertise and establish (or reinforce) credibility as subject-matter or industry experts.

Lastly, the veteran podcasters discussed their preferred equipment and tools for podcasting, including microphones, audio mixers, and other recording devices that help to both simplify and improve the overall process and quality of the product. Producing high-quality audio and the benefits of using professional-grade equipment is a topic both have spent collectively thousands of hours researching, and today’s episode gives you a glimpse into some of their top recommendations for clients and would-be future podcasters. From gear lists to proper etiquette as guests and hosts, Josh & Nico really dive deep enough on the topic that anyone interested in jumping into the podcast universe beyond simply downloading episodes can easily learn and apply something from this episode.