What percentage increase in productivity would you say would need to be achieved by all the individuals in a building in order to pay for ALL The energy used by that building



Would you believe it if I told you only 1%? Yes, a mere 1% increase in productivity.

Curious about the math?

Well, today you’ll learn how Daylighting can actually bring just as much ROI to your business as the other way we capture the sun! And we also outline his 3-30-300 rule that supports this claim over on the blog.

Active solar power is about energy generation. But, passive solar leads to reduced consumption. And both can co-exist in commercial and industrial (C&I) properties. Today’s podcast explores why we should take seriously the opportunity to incorporate both in classrooms, offices, retail and warehousing applications

Grant Grable, the Vice President of Operations and Business Development for Sunoptics, and a true daylighting OG, helps us navigate the conversation.

Sunoptics is the leader in prismatic skylights and daylighting. 

However, since we recorded with Grant, AES Industries actually acquired Sunoptics from Acuity Brands. But in this episode, Grant refers to Acuity Brands as the parent company. 

Grant is a LEED Accredited Professional with extensive experience in the green building industry and optimizing the ways buildings work. If you haven’t spent much time on energy efficiency or building envelope management, I hope you’ll join this deep dive into an area of the building (and solar industry) we don’t often spend enough time talking about!

Grant has a deep understanding of how integrated skylight solutions can aid productivity. The skylights provide the ultimate human-performance, net-zero lighting with all-day exposure to sunlight. Grant is a superstar in the daylighting sector, and today he shares with us from his 3+ decades of experience. You’re in for a treat.