Each quarter, Tigercomm & SunCast Media convene the brightest stars in cleantech podcasting to discuss what they have been observing vis-a-vis their podcast and industry research. This is the 7th such gathering, and it proved an eventful hour of insights, differing opinions and more than a few laughs. Join hosts Mike Casey & Nico Johnson, along with a lineup of all-star podcasters from across the cleantech spectrum for the Year-end Holiday Special!

Our expert panel of cleantech podcasters shared thoughts on what to expect in the clean energy industry in 2023, and what they’ve been learning from their own guest interviews and research. Whether you’re a professional in the field or just passionate about sustainability, this is our quarterly recap that we know you won’t want to miss (even though, technically, you did miss it!).

From obstacles constraining the potential of the Inflation Reduction Act, to how investments should be directed to meet pollution reduction targets, and even how to counter anti-renewables propaganda, we cover the gamut in this Final Year-End Roundup. We were thankful to even be joined by recent SunCast Podcast guest, industry CEO, and yes, a podcast host himself, John Belizaire for his debut on the Cleantech Podcasters roundtable!