Gregg Patterson is a former Hewlett Packard executive who ran multiple global businesses before jumping into renewables in 2006 — partly, he says, to help “save the world.”

In today’s podcast, he explains how he parlayed a background in engineering, research and development and executive management into a solar career.

After successfully leading two solar and energy startups to successful exits, Gregg accepted an offer to join Origami Solar, which intends to reverse the solar industry’s reliance on aluminum through innovative, domestically-made steel module frames.

Origami Solar gained attention in September by earning a grand prize in the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) American-Made Solar Prize competition. The $500,000 award aims to advance the company’s patent-pending steel frame for solar modules to lower costs, reduce carbon emissions, and improve performance and value.

Today Gregg gives us a closer look at the company from the lens of his role as CEO.

He says steel frames are less expensive, reduce production-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and facilitate domestic ramp-up of module production. As he sees it, those factors are crucial in making solar as green as possible.

Join us to learn more about Gregg’s career, the lessons he’s learned along the way and the role he expects Origami Solar to play over the coming years.