Kevin Conroy wants to make investing in sustainable assets as simple as buying stock in Robinhood. In 2019, he established Finite to give individuals access to sustainable institutional quality investment opportunities. The minimum initial investment is a mere $500. 

He describes Finite as the first platform to mobilize investor capital seamlessly into sustainable assets through publicly listed funds, adding that it “transparently invests in tangible assets delivering quantifiable impact and access to all investors.” 

In today’s podcast, Kevin explains how his interest in sustainable finance led him to create a company that allows everyday folks to invest in genuinely impactful projects. His perspective is informed by his roles as president and a co-portfolio manager for Finite’s public fund, SOLRX.

It’s a meaningful conversation as we speed towards decarbonizing our economy and grid. It sheds light on the deployment of capital to sustainable assets and the significance of giving a broader swath of humanity access to these opportunities.