Bill Jordan capitalized on decades of experience in renewable energy, building materials and sustainable agriculture markets to create the Troy, New York-based solar development company that bears his name. Since he founded Jordan Energy in 2009, it’s grown into a leader in solar photovoltaics (PV) system design, installation, and operations, in particular for the agriculture and dairy industries.

Also known as Jordan Energy and Food Enterprises, the company supports many client partners from the farm community, including Dairy Farmers of America. It’s a natural fit for a man with deep agricultural roots — his mother’s family ran a produce shop in Philadelphia, and several of her brothers later expanded to farming in the Imperial Valley of Southern California.

Jordan Energy demonstrates its belief in sustainable energy by sharing 10% of its profits with the Let’s Share the Sun Foundation, which provides solar power to underdeveloped communities worldwide.

In today’s podcast, Bill tells us how he married his passions for solar, agribusiness and giving back to build his company and its nonprofit and empower progress through sustainable energy.