Serial entrepreneur Alex Stuart is the president of Carbon Block, which he co-founded in 2018, and Standard Carbon, which he launched three years later. 

An expert in greenhouse gas assurance, small-scale renewable energy and the carbon markets, his companies synergistically support his beliefs in transparent, accurate climate data. 

They’re the latest projects for the busy Canadian, who founded two renewable energy companies and installed wind turbines for the U.S. government earlier in his career. 

Carbon Block is an environmental technology firm aiming to tackle climate change through carbon offsets. It uses proprietary hardware backed by blockchain to verify greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and convert them into carbon offsets. 

Standard Carbon offers GHG-related consulting services to clients in renewable energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation sectors.

Alex thinks climate data directly affects a company’s financial position — and not managing your risk exposure to rising carbon prices will cost it. As he explains, understanding your carbon debt from all operations and your supply chain is imperative for clients, shareholders, and investors and enables companies to avoid greenwashing and misspending.

In today’s podcast, he discusses his companies, career and the latest offering from Standard Carbon, SCOP3 software. Alex says it’s “the one climate tool for every financial need” because it helps companies of all sizes manage every part of their environmental data. Join us to learn more.