A startup spun out from Rutgers University called RenewCO₂ is rewriting the ways we make plastics and chemicals — along with the ways these industries will handle carbon emissions, regardless of the price of carbon or credits. Can we truly create carbon-negative plastics? How do we better capture and utilize the CO2 in existing chemical processes in a climate-positive way?

Join Nico Johnson for an interview with RenewCO₂ Co-Founder and CTO Karin Calvinho as he breaks down the complexities behind the company’s revolutionary chemical approach into understandable, sensible language. No need to break out the glossary to follow along; listen in on this fascinating chemistry lesson as Nico learns about catalysis, monomers, electrochemistry and more. 

Karin points out that chemical production accounts for more than 15% of global industrial greenhouse gas emissions, “so it’s significant, and it’s an issue worth working on.”

Karin’s focus on carbon-negative plastics is inspiring to all who wish to accelerate our clean energy future, and the work that she and her team are doing offers promises that we can innovate our way out of the climate crisis. Stick around.