“‘No one knows where the equity metrics are’… This is completely false. Communities that have had to endure environmental racism and exclusion…they know exactly what success looks like.” Dana Clare Redden shares how her solar entrepreneurship has created success for communities and in business on today’s Tactical Tuesday episode with Nico. 

Founder of Solar Concierge and Solar Stewards, Dana describes how she’s taken national economical strategies and creatively implemented them into local communities successfully.  Her goal as a business owner and board member of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), is to implement business structures that include environmental, social governance, and corporate social responsibility programs to create value within working communities and for investors. 

In this snippet from our longer interview with Dana, you’ll get an understanding of how renewable energy credits (RECS) can create a line of revenue for communities in an open market based on environmental attributions and accessibility.