In today’s Tactical Tuesday, Nico Johson shares a trove of practical, tactical information through an interview with Linette Casey, Head of Americas Sales, Electrification, Automation & Digitalization (EAD) at Siemens Energy. 

Linette shares her fascinating career journey, from initially pursuing ocean science and social studies to serendipitously finding success in the energy industry.

She discusses how her education and experience in logistics led her to work for the U.S. Navy SEALs — the U.S. Navy’s primary special operations force and a Naval Special Warfare Command component — and eventually to Siemens Energy, where she’s worked her way up to managing procurement, inventory, and sales. 

Linette emphasizes the importance of adaptability and problem-solving skills as navigational tools in an evolving industry. She also shares how personal choices have influenced her career path, notably leaving one position to move closer to family. Linette is a mother of three, including a daughter with special needs, and understands women’s challenges in balancing work and family responsibilities. 

Linette started the Women’s Energy Network, a Boston-based organization with more than 100 members representing 35 energy companies, including Siemens Energy. It aims to promote diversity and career advancement for women in the male-dominated energy industry. 

Siemens Energy is at the forefront of exciting innovations ranging from electric ferries that reduce emissions and noise while supporting more reliable operations to propulsion solutions that make marine vessels environmentally friendly and economically efficient. It’s also accelerating the production of sustainably produced hydrogen with high-performance, industrial-scale electrolyzers that will benefit such things as steel production and aviation.

This episode offers a fascinating insight into energy innovation and the personal journey of an industry leader. Tune in to learn more about Linette Casey, her decades-spanning career and why she’s so committed to working for Siemens.