How does one write a book on the history of renewables and make it a fruitful and engaging experience for all types of readers? Tom Weirich, author of the award-winning book “We Took the Risk” did exactly that in 2022, and he shares How and Why with Nico. 

Tom Weirich has had the privilege of watching (and helping) titans in the Renewables industry from the front lines build the core skeleton of what we now call a thriving and scalable Trillion-dollar sector. His proximity to the early leaders in the sector forms the foundation of his recent best-selling book, but Nico highlights some of the underlying personal benefits that come with putting his name on the cover. In this episode, Nico and Tom delve into his tips on the value of personal branding and marketing in the renewable industry and how to approach it successfully. Tom shares how his book serves as a platform to differentiate himself and stay relevant in a busy market while at the same time shedding light on the stories of some of the giants on whose shoulders we collectively stand.

Listen closely and receive insight into how to harness the power of paying it forward to create rippling positive effects in this industry.