Elena Foukes is an investor, advisor and climate entrepreneur who upgraded her career from a low-level analyst at a public utility to co-founder and CEO of a climate-tech startup. 

Now she develops programs to help others build purpose-filled climate careers, stressing, “You can make money and save the world at the same time.” 

Elena was reared in a Midwest family steeped in automotive tradition, has been in climate work her entire career, and even had a stint paying homage to the family heritage when she joined Tesla.

In today’s podcast, Nico Johnson, the creator and host of SunCast, talks to Elena about her latest role — host of SunCast’s new Climate Avengers Podcast. Launching Tuesday, May 2nd, the podcast will demystify climate tech venture capital. 

Elena and Nico are both venture partners with Climate Avengers, an investment fund started by friend and fellow #SolarWarrior, Kyle Cherrick.

Listen as Nico guides us through Elena’s own startup stories and give listeners a glimpse of what they can expect in the coming weeks from the new show. 

Elena has a triple major in economics, political science, and international studies from Loyola University Chicago and a Master’s of International Economics focusing on China econometrics and energy policy from UC San Diego. 

The Climate Avengers Podcast promises to be smart, reliable and insightful. If you missed it, queue up the trailer episode that dropped on the feed right before this episode!