I’m so incredibly excited today to announce the officially official launch of our newest podcast, Climate Avengers! Many of you have heard & shared the trailer episode that we revealed a couple of weeks ago (thank you). Now, here is Episode 1 of the show, featuring the show host, Elena Foukes, and yours truly answering one of the questions that’s on the tip of the tongue for many folks investing in the renewable and “cleantech” sector over the last couple of years… “just what IS Climate Tech???” 

Elena is the host of Climate Avengers, which explores the exciting world of climate tech startups and investments. In this episode, Nico and Elena speak on what the term climate tech actually covers. 

Join Elena weekly as she investigates what it takes to build & invest in the next generation of climate tech innovation, proving you can indeed save the world and make money at the same time.

But you’ll need the link to the Climate Avengers podcast if you want the whole story…this will just whet your appetite.

Learn more at: www.resourcelabs.co/climateavengers