Solar and storage expert Tim Montague’s tagline is “to help speed the energy transition”.  He’s helped hundreds if not thousands of people through his work as a Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Solar Developer, a green business consultant, and as the host of the podcast, Clean Power Hour, producing over 300 episodes! Tim’s been a featured speaker on our Quarterly cleantech podcasters roundtable, in our RE+ Media Zone and on numerous stages, but this is his first time on SunCast (so how bout a round of applause!) 😉

In this interview, we tease out the initial spark that led Tim to make a career shift into the solar industry. From an energy fair in New Mexico as a boy, to his deep involvement in the clean energy transition in Illinois, Tim’s passion for sustainability and solar are more than skin deep. 

Tim shares some excellent advice on how he has been able to accelerate his knowledge in the solar industry, especially within the challenging C&I sector. Over the course of his journey, he’s become a go-to expert for C&I development. In fact, as we touch on in this conversation, he was asked by the folks at Heatspring to curate two courses of his own to help those solar professionals who want to venture into the relatively untapped market of commercial & industrial sales.

Tim Montague’s wealth of knowledge stems from his insatiable curiosity and the fact that he is still active as a Solar Project Developer for the global power company EDPR.  But as we have discussed in recent episodes (ironically with another EDPR employee!) Tim also gets the importance of personal branding and sharing knowledge with your peers which is why he has dedicated so much time outside his day job to creating his own podcast.  Tim is intentional about leaving a legacy that will help others, and this episode is one that I hope adds to the cannon.