Sollega founder and CEO Elie Rothschild talks with Suncast host Nico Johnson about the innovation and founding story behind the company’s category-defining approach to ballasted rooftop solar racking.

The San Francisco-based commercial flat-roof PV solar racking manufacturer is a unique company that solves universal issues in a solar niche known for low margins and intense competition. 

Elie launched it in 2008 to find an easier way to install solar panels on notoriously frustrating commercial flat roofs, and his approach has garnered serious fans and accolades for form & function.

Their roof mounting system is designed to minimize on-roof assembly, install quickly, and maximize available roof space, reducing both mounting and installation costs associated with commercial rooftop solar arrays. And their flexible design can handle undulations in roofs, work around obstacles, and is compatible with the most common solar panels today…All while using almost no metal (certainly by comparison with their peers)!

Elie emphasizes the importance of innovation and partnerships, citing Sollega’s successful collaboration with other solar manufacturers. “We have to keep innovating, and we have to keep finding ways to provide value to our clients and excellent service,” he said.

If you’re interested in learning how Sollega has survived more than a decade in a largely consolidated solar racking industry dominated by metal fabricators, you’ll want to queue this episode up asap.