SunCast Host Nico Johnson and Bodhi CEO Scott Nguyen host three expert panelists for a wide-ranging discussion on tackling climate change through investments and technology. 

Our panelists — Mark Tomasovic, Principal at Energize Ventures and two Google executives, Caroline Golin, Global Head of Energy Market Development and Policy and Sonal Somaiya, Sustainability Investments and Corporate Development — offer practical ways individuals can support clean energy initiatives, emphasizing collective action, informed decision-making, and increased awareness. 

They also encourage individuals to live the change they want to see, engage in conversations with others, and stay updated with climate-focused technological advancements.

This is a replay of our special Earth Day live broadcast on the energy transition with Bodhi and Google. Bodhi is a software platform that helps growing residential solar companies remove operational headaches and sell more to more people. 

Join us to learn about actionable strategies and participate in an engaging pop quiz on climate threats and the impact of rising CO2 emissions on global temperatures.