With over 35 years of experience in high tech, manufacturing, and power electronics, Darryl Parker, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Clean Energy Associates (CEA), is a seasoned professional in the clean energy industry. Based in San Francisco, CA, he leads the sales and marketing efforts at CEA, where his team helps clients navigate challenging supply and quality-assurance engagements in solar and energy storage.

During the episode, Darryl discusses his vast expertise, starting from his early days at Sun Microsystems and his involvement with Satcon powers, which experienced rapid expansion. He has played a crucial role in helping numerous hardware startup companies surpass the milestone of $100 million in revenue. The conversation delves into Darryl’s perspective on the evolving clean energy economy and how cultivating deep customer relationships is the key to an enduring enterprise.

Darryl Parker emphasizes a customer-centered approach to sales and marketing that is honed from many years in the trenches.

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